Easy to monitor and manage

PortsMonitor is compatible with macOS 10.12 and above.

Monitor Connections

Monitor all system connections and opened ports, and auto refresh for checking new connections and state change

Expression Filter

Filter connections by connection type (IPv4, IPv6), or by protocol type (TCP, UDP), or by keywords, even with a powerful expression search.


Got notifications for new connectionUser and connection's state change, and all histories can be saved in CSV files.

Monitor connections
Directly and clearly

All connections in one window

Just open PortsMonitor, it will display all connections made by all processes, and rich information for the connection, such as local and remote address, ports, protocol and states.

Quick filter
Expression filter

Filter connectoins which you want to check

Quick filters can filter connections by Type, Protocol and if it has a remote address. By powerful expression filter, connections can be filtered by Process Name, Port, Address and every properties which a connection has.

Which is opening
Which is closing

Get every states of every connections

With different colors, every connections' state will be displayed clearly.

Keep in touch
Save histories

Keep in touch with connections' creation and state's change

Monitor new connection and connection's state change in notification center. Connections' history also can be logged into CSV files, with every properties saved.

Customize Everything

Connections list columns, colors, filter profiles, notification exclude applications, everything can be customized and saved.

All for monitoring

Free trial for 30 days

For everything you need to know about system and processes' connections.

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